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After more than 14 happy years at the Soar Bridge Inn with 4 different publicans, the new landlord has made it very clear to the Grand Union that a folk club does not feature in his vision of the pub‘s future. At our last singaround at the pub 23 of our members were made to feel so unwelcome that the decision was made to decamp to the Horse & Trumpet in Sileby for the night. Currently we are exploring the options for a new home but we may have a nomadic existence until January. Please check with this website for the location of our next few meetings or visit the Events page of the Leicestershire Folk Diary. Tel: 01509 813566 Email:

Grand Union is a traditional style folk club that meets on Monday nights in the friendly setting of a village pub serving a range of real ales. A place to sit back, relax and lose yourself for a few hours in the company of like minded people with a love of traditional music. Why not come and join us?

"Great singing club" The Wilson Family.

Singarounds and Guest Nights

Singarounds and guest nights start at 8.00pm (Doors open at 7:30). Singarounds are the very essence of what the club is about and are on the 2nd Monday of each month throughout the year (check the website for the January date if the 2nd Monday is Plough Monday). There is no formal entry charge, but a voluntary contribution of just £1 to help us offset our running costs would be most welcome. Guest night charges vary.

Traditional English Music Sessions and Workshops

The music sessions take place from 9.00pm. They are usually fronted by Phil Preen (subject to the commitments of the Bang On The Wall Ceilidh Band). The music has a bias towards the English tradition but apart from that the format is reasonably free. The sessions are open to any musician who enjoys playing traditional music, there is no entrance fee and the pub keeps a good cellar with real ales always available. So what are you waiting for? Come and join us.

The musicians workshops take place from 7.30pm until 9.00pm. The music is taken at a steady pace and they are open to anyone who has mastered the rudiments of their instrument and has an interest in English Folk music. They regularly attract an ensemble of melodeons, English / Anglo concertinas, accordions, fiddles, whistles, recorders, mandolins and guitars. There is no formal entry charge but a voluntary contribution of just £1 to help us offset our running costs is always appreciated.

Core Members

The Grand Union Folk Club has at its core a group of well established singers and musicians who are drawn together by a common passion - the love of a good session. Even allowing for the occasional absentee, there are enough of us to guarantee that, if you enjoy tradition style acoustic folk music, you will have a great evening out. Members of the core are: Stuart Booth, Pete Burnham, Lyn Cooper, Bob Crosby, Tony Jalland, Karen Harris, Jacky Lockley, Phil Preen, Martin Tabraham, Steve Tunnicliff, Martin Wildig and Bill Wilkes.